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Fabulous Senior Photos

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Jun 20, 2016 5:21:18 PM


Hey, 2017 seniors! June is almost over! And before you know it, summer will be too! Between trips to the water-park and backyard barbeques, it's easy for time to slip by. One thing you don't want to slip by is the best opportunity to take your senior photos. June is perfect for outdoor photo sessions—the flowers are in bloom, the light is just right, and the sizzling July heat hasn't set in yet! By taking your senior photos earlier in the summer, you can be sure to look as fabulous as the weather feels. It's just enough time to have a summer glow, but no awkward tan lines!

Here at Elite Images, we want you to look your best. That's why we offer a June Special for a FREE session to help you get your portraits in early!

And to help you be fully prepared for an awesome photography experience, here's our

Top Tips for Fabulous Senior Photos:shay0008r72.jpg

  1. Bring a collection from your closet. Wearing different outfits will add variety to your photos and allows you to express the different sides of your personality. Are you a prom queen as well as a softball all-star? Bring your glitzy dress and your cleats! Do you work hard both on the family farm and in student government? Grab those work jeans and your suit and tie! Have too many outfits to choose from? Bring a few extra and we can help you decide!

  2. Don't underestimate the undergarments. We want you to look your absolute best, which means your clothing is perfect from the inside out! Try on all of your outfits before your session to make sure that you have what you need to go underneath—and that colors or straps don't peek out where you don't want them to. Ladies, don't forget the spandex if you're wearing skirts or dresses!

  3. Know where to go. There's no question that your portraits taken inside our Dubuque simpson0050r72.jpgphotography studio will turn out amazing. But outdoor photos opens up all new possibilities! When you book your session, think of a few places that hold special meaning to you, and we'll be sure to get those shots full of personal connection.                                                          

  4. Stay organized. If you have accessories for each outfit, keep them in separate ziplock bags so they don't get mixed up. Keeping all of your clothes on hangers helps keep outfit changes quick and everything wrinkle-free!

  5. Have fun! Remember, your senior portraits are all about you! Bring your sports gear, musical instruments, cool hats, and anything else that defines you! But most of all, bring your confidence and your smile! And we'll make sure your senior portraits are just as unique as you are!06.jpg

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What does your customer remember?

Posted by Elite Images

Mar 8, 2016 11:59:35 AM



 *Images from the Enhanced tour for Designworks, Dubuque Iowa. Designworks Enhanced Tour


*Google Street View virtual tour for Namaste, Dubuque Iowa.  Namaste

Is your website overpowered with words instead of graphics or videos? Visual content reaches a persons brain faster and more understandable vs. textual information. 90% of all information that comes to the brain is visual. Are you doing enough to attract these customers to your website or even better, your business?

Elite Images can help you with this. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average customer’s attention span is 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. If it takes the human brain less than a second to interpret a single image or video, that leaves you more than 7 seconds to engage with the customer or more importantly, push the customer down the path to purchase. Sharing visual content of inside your business is easier than ever with Google Street View. This is vital for engagement as well as proving how your business is a step above your competition. Google Street View virtual tour for businesses is a 360 degree virtual tour of your business that provides your customers with an interactive experience. It's proven that viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them. Even more important, consumers are 2x as likely to visit your business after seeing a virtual tour.

Eric with Elite Images Photography in Dubuque is certified through Google to create these virtual tours. Not only will he upload them to Google, Google +, and Google Maps, but he will also help you embed them into your business website as well as Facebook. People remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, and 80% of what they SEE and DO! Google Street View virtual tour is a one-time fee that no other advertising medium can compare to. PLUS, you have to keep paying traditional advertising to see a return on your investment. Google Maps has 87 million users; how many users does your traditional advertising reach?

See what Ben Graham from Graham's Style Store for Men and Women has to say: “The Google Store Tour that Eric shot for us turned out really well. As I try to bring high end clothing lines into our store, I direct them to our Google landing page so they can see the quality of our store's layout and design. No other photo has been able to capture our store's character in such a way. Thank you.” - Ben Graham, Graham's Style Store

Join Ben and the rest our satisfied customers by implementing a Google Street View virtual tour on your business today. Call 563-583-9369 or email info@eliteimages.com

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New Additions to Elite Images Photography

Posted by Elite Images

Mar 2, 2016 4:31:57 PM



Here at Elite Images we professionally photograph hundreds of local businessmen and women each year. We specialize in creating business portraits that will give you a professional edge to make a great first impression on prospective clients, colleagues, and business contacts. What does your current portrait say about you and your company?

Whether you're looking for something classic, modern, relatable or even a knock-out portrait, Elite Images is your business portrait headquarters in Dubuque and surrounding area. We have multiple types and colors of backgrounds for you and your company to choose from.

Looking for something more classic? A classic or traditional business portrait is typically just of your head and shoulders. It is typically shot on a classic(blue with hints of other colors), gray, warm, or white background. The gray and warm backgrounds are the newest additions to the Elite Images collection and are a hit with many clients so far.

We have many business portraits that are typically photographed on the white background; the knock-out portrait being one. These are perfect for anyone looking to use their portrait for a specific marketing piece, especially a billboard. Relatable portraits are also photographed on the white background. If you're looking for a portrait to capture an approachable and personable, yet professional side of you, a relatable business portrait is for you. The most important part of this type of portrait is the more casual and relaxed experience. This portrait will allow you to bring out your natural essence and help your potential clients connect with you more.

Also popular at Elite Images is the black background. A modern business portrait is for someone who wants a classic, yet updated look? This look has dramatic lighting to enhanced and emphasize your eyes. Similar to the classic business portrait, you may show just your head and shoulders or also the majority of your body.

Elite Images will work with you to choose a background dependent on the look you're trying to achieve.

Are you a company looking for consistency throughout your employees portraits? Our photographer can make sure everyone is photographed on the same background; no matter when they come in to have their business portrait taken.

Call Elite Images now to schedule your business portrait on one of our newest backgrounds. Schedule your portrait before the end of March and receive a $30.00 discount! 563-583-9369

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Online First Impressions| What does your 1/10 of a second say about you?

Posted by Elite Images

Feb 16, 2016 2:02:27 PM



When is the last time you've had a professional portrait taken? Has it been longer than a year or two? Or has your hair color or style changed? If you've answered yes to either of these questions, then you're in need of an updated portrait.

Now look yourself up on LinkedIn right now. Is that the image you really want to be portraying to potential customers or even new employers? Whatever business you are in, someone is either looking up your company or even you personally on Google or social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Studies now show that you only have 1/10 of a second to generate a first impression. Initially, eyes are also drawn to images such as photographs over type or words online. What does your LinkedIn photograph say about you? The purpose of a professional portrait is to convey your emotion, energy, and, ultimately, your professionalism.

If you’re looking for professional photos in Dubuque or a corporate photographer, then you’re in the right place. Elite Images will work with you to create a professional business portrait that will help to create the perfect first impression you are trying to achieve. Eric at Elite Images has created a unique process that will guarantee you to become relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, no matter how unphotogenic you think you are. Elite Images will also give you the guidance of what to wear prior to your portrait session. New professional backgrounds have been added to their stock, so Elite Images will help you decide which one is perfect for you or your company.

If you're looking for one more incentive to update your online first impression, Elite Images is offering a business portrait promotion through the end of March 2016 of $59.00. Call or e-mail Elite Images today to schedule your business portrait. 563-583-9369 or info@eliteimages.com


Elite Images Photography | Unique and Memorable Last Minute Gift

Posted by Elite Images

Dec 18, 2015 4:38:51 PM


Looking for a unique gift for someone? Need a gift for someone who seems to already have everything? Elite Images offers gift certificates that are perfect for that hard to buy someone. Give the gift of photographs in which they can cherish for years to come. Perfect for updating your family portrait or individual portrait.

At Elite Images, we're able to create a look and style that showcases your and your families personality.  We love nothing better than to create a piece of art for your home that has more personal meaning and emotion than any other piece of traditional artwork ever could. Our professional staff will give you the direction to project warmth and confidence during your or your families entire session.

Not only do we offer family portraits and business portraits, Elite Images also offers headshot sessions that are designed to make you feel pampered and look like a star. At the end of the day, you’ll have a lasting memento. You will not only have the memories of a photo session in which you felt amazing, but you’ll have stunning photos of yourself to cherish for years to come! Perfect for a sweet or sexy Valentine’s Day picture for that special someone. Or maybe you want to give a new mom a special gift to help her re-connect with her beauty. Everyone deserves a headshot session because they can relax, have fun, and enjoy themselves while taking remarkable photos at Elite Images.

Contact Elite Images today to purchase a unique and memorable gift to last for years to come. 563-583-9369 or info@eliteimages.com.



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Do's and Don'ts of What to Wear Black Friday Shopping

Posted by Elite Images

Nov 25, 2015 1:36:15 PM


You saw our blog last week on Do's and Don'ts on clothing for a professional portrait, but now lets chat about something near and dear to our assistant manager's heart; black friday shopping. Just as your business outfit determines the success of your image you're trying to convey, the clothing choices for Black Friday shopping will determine the success of how this day will go.

Do wear leggings and a long sweater for comfort. You're going to be sprinting through stores, so make sure you're comfortable. These are also great for trying on lots of clothes since they slip on and off easily.

Don't bring a large purse or satchel. Besides being worried about pickpocketing, you'll be bumping into people enough and don't want to add large purses to that mix. Cross-body bags work best for these hectic days.

Do break out your Ugg boots. If you haven't worn them yet this season, today is the day. They'll keep you warm waiting in line as well as your comfort level at a 10. Again, these are also perfect for slipping on and off while trying on clothes.

Don't forget your watch. If you're a veteran of Black Friday shopping you probably have a game plan and don't want to miss the other deals if you're not keeping track of time.

Do wear layers. A long sleeve shirt under your sweater is perfect for waiting in line outside in the freezing temperatures. It's easy to shed layers versus adding them later on.

Don't wear anything you wouldn't want ruined. With all of the running around comes sweat, not to mention the coffee from other early morning shoppers.

Keep in mind, while Black Friday outfits can help determine the success of scoring the latest deal, it doesn't pair well with scoring a professional portrait. Let Elite Images help with making sure your work image is conveyed in a professional manner.


Dubuque professional portraits | Offering holiday promotion

Posted by Elite Images

Nov 23, 2015 10:59:36 AM



Are you using a family photograph from vacation that a stranger took for your most recent family photograph? Need an updated professional family picture for holiday cards or other gifts? Look no further. Elite Images Photography in Dubuque, Iowa is offering a holiday mini-session promotion through the end of 2015. Perfect for your families holiday card and gifts for your extended family. Sessions will be located inside the studio at 5025 Wolff Road and extended studio hours and Saturday times are available to accommodate your family's hectic schedule.

 This promotion includes a 20-minute session with our award winning photographer and a digital image for $150.00. A $200 savings! Additional digital images are available for $50.00 each and retouching is only $25.00 per image. Take advantage of this offer before it runs out.


Call or e-mail today to schedule your session. 563-583-9369 or info@eliteimages.com. Visit www.eliteimages.com to learn more about Elite Images services.


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Business Photography in Dubuque | Do's and Don'ts for a Professional Business Portrait

Posted by Elite Images

Nov 20, 2015 10:33:02 AM


Here at Elite Images, we photograph hundreds of headshots each year and the first question people have is “What should I wear?” The purpose of a headshot is to convey your emotion, energy, and, ultimately, your professionalism and what you wear for your portrait coincides with all of those. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts for your business portrait.

Do dress conservatively and wear clothes appropriate for your work place. The traditional business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie. Be stylish and fashionable, but remember the picture is about your face and not your clothes or jewelry. Long sleeves are also best as eyes are naturally drawn to any skin showing.

Don't wear sexy, form fitting, or revealing clothing.

Do dress in solid colors. Solid colors photograph best, and most people look good in midtones (green, blue, brown, etc.).

Don't wear patterns as they can be distracting Avoid white and colors that blend with your flesh tones (this might be beige, tan, or very pale peach or pink).

Do Smile. It's important to smile in your business portrait because a smiling image has been proven to make people feel at ease. 

Don't try to look stern in your portrait. In general, people tend to not take other people more serious if they look mean.

Do use Eric with Elite Images. He will coach and guide you through the entire process. Elite Images will also retouch at least one favorite image including under eye circles and blemishes. 

Don't trust just anyone with your portrait. Eric genuinely cares about photography and the Dubuque community.


More information is available either by calling 563-583-9369 or by visiting Elite Images Business Photos.



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Google Street View | Taking it one step further

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Nov 11, 2015 12:26:20 PM

Many businesses are starting to attract new customers by bringing Google Street View indoors with a virtual tour of their business and Elite Images has helped many Dubuque businesses by creating these dynamic tools. Now they've taken it one step further. Elite Images can enhance these tours by creating unique features such as advanced menus, automatic rotation of your tour, and informative windows that can present text, images and video to your customers as they interact with your tour. This allows your online visitors to experience your business as never before. You can show them your most interesting places, products you offer and additional details you think your consumer should know. Not only does this enhanced feature to your virtual tour help engage your customers, it also enables you the business owner to gain far more insight on your potential consumer with the analytics feature. Which places do they go to on the tour? What items do they look at? Which products appeal to them? How many visitors is your virtual tour receiving? These answers are now readily available for you to help determine your ROI. In time you'll notice both your online and offline business results increase through the use of this enhanced feature with Elite Images Street View. Join Smith Home Gallery and other Dubuque businesses by booking your virtual tour with this additional feature by calling Elite Images today.  Learn more about Google Street View for your business 

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You’ve Heard of Street View...but Have You Seen This? | Street View for Businesses

Posted by Elite Images

Sep 14, 2015 3:03:43 PM

Google Street View started out as a dynamic tool for virtually seeing streets and building exteriors, but now, you can see inside businesses with this evolving virtual tour tool. Businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity to literally put themselves on the map in a major way. The first step is to have a Google Trusted Photographer, such as Elite Images, create a virtual tour of the interior of your business. We create a crystal clear window into your marketplace, office, or retail storefront that is placed on the internet alongside your other Google tools. 
When someone searches for your business, they can take a virtual tour of remarkable quality. Dubuque virtual tours are on the rise, and businesses don’t want to miss out. Those businesses using Street View’s latest features are getting the best results, bringing in fresh, new leads from the millions of people who are looking for companies online. Not only does Street View work for desktops, but it is compatible with virtually any smartphone, tablet, or other mobile computing device. Google Street View packs a punch, offering the best platform for Iowa virtual tours. It’s a solid marketing tool that costs you zero dollars per month. It’s the ultimate in web optimization for anyone who wants to enhance their website, internet presence, and gain real traction. Save your money and build your online presence and conversions with Google Street View today!  Learn more about Virtual tours of your business.




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