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St. Donatus, Iowa Wedding | Zach and Carrie



St. Donatus Church is absolutely perfect. Carrie spent quality time with the bridesmaids and her mom preparing for the moment when her and Zach would see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Details definetly made the day. The gorgeous wedding day photographs getting dressed start the story of their day. Finishing touches on the dress, slipping on that stunning engagement ring, and last hugs all made for personal, artistic images. 

The Grand River Center set the stage for the perfect reception. Carrie and her dad mixed things up with their dance with a slow song and then added in Pretty Woman for a personal flair to their father daughter moment. The river walk is always fabulous for fun relaxed wedding party photography and then transforms perfectly for romantic couple images.   


Bride getting ready in saint donatus church

Bride with engagement ring getting ready pictures 

photojournalistic Wedding day moment with mom

Groomsmen walking

bride with flowers from Handpick'd

wedding party on steps in Saint Donatus Iowa

dramatic images of the bride and groom outside of saint donatus iowa church wedding

bride and groom pictures

grand river center wedding photographer

Hermsen wedding pictures at the grand river center



River room wedding reception | Maria and Cody


Dubuque outdoor wedding photographwedding pictures saint columbkille'sWalking down the aisleoutdoor wedding in dubuqueDubuque PhotographersWedding Toast picturesDubuque Wedding

St. Columbkille offered the perfect traditional church wedding for Maria and Cody. We were able to take fabulous classic church isle images of the couple with the gorgeous arches as a backdrop. The chance to take some outdoor photographs in addition to the traditional indoor prior to the ceremony gave them so many beautiful photographs. With the smaller size of their wedding, we even had the entire congregation on the alter for an incredible keepsake picture.

Maria continued to warm up from her initial shyness in front of the camera, we were able to capture some adorable outdoor photos of her peaking out from behind her flowers. We stopped downtown at the brewery for some more stunning outdoor pictures. Then it was off to the reception and off with the lace overlay on Maria's dress! The dress transformed from an elegant formal gown to a chic ball gown for their first dance as a married couple, which was all captured by our photojournalistic photographer. 

Riverfront Wedding Ceremony | Jeff and Theresa


river front pavilion in DubuqueRiver front wedding pictureswedding pictures on the river walkoutdoor wedding venues in Dubuque American Trust River Front Pavilion weddingjournalistic style family wedding pictures

meadows golf course wedding event centerwedding pictures with a fountain, wedding at the meadows golf course, golf course wedding pictures



The American Trust Pavilion offered the perfect setting for Jeff and Theresa's riverfront wedding ceremony. The majestic Mississippi is absoulutely gorgeous for stunning wedding photography to capture every heartfelt moment during their ceremony. Everything was so personal with both of their children standing by their side for the exchange of vows. 

The reception at Thunder Hills Country Club was fantastic! We ventured out onto the golf course for some unique couple photography. The adventure continued as we found the sprinklers and decided to take advantage of the water for some more artistic images. 

Four Mounds Wedding and Reception | Jana and Patrick



Four mounds wedding spotfamily wedding with kidsmillwork district wedding photographywedding party jump dubuquefour mounds wedding overlooking the Mississippi riverfour mounds wedding by the river

Jana and Patrick had the most beautiful backdrop as their wedding ceremony took place at Four Mounds, overlooking the river. The beautiful flowers done by Handpickd Just For You were an absolutley stunning accent that added a fabulous pop of color for colorful wedding pictures. Jana found a role for each of her children in the wedding.  All 4 of them stood by her in the wedding party and her son walked her down the aisle. This added that extra touch of personalization to their candid wedding party photographs.

The tent reception offered a casual, rustic feel for their outdoor reception. The heat attempted to become a factor, but everyone had an awesome time, celebrating through the night.

East Dubuque Wedding Photography | Nathan and Natalie


 Wedding Couple Dipping East Dubuque weddingEast Dubuque Wedding Photographer

Beautiful East Dubuque Wedding Pride and Groom

Exchange of rings picture in Saint Mary's East DubuqueBride's flowers and cute bridesmaids picWedding Transportation tri state areaPhotography with a cool antique carWindy wedding photographyRiver Front PhotographyDowntown Dubuque weddings Hotel Julien Wedding photographer

First Dance at the Hotel Julien

planning a wedding in dubuque at the hotel julien


The results are always award winning photography, when you offer an award winning professional photographer plenty of time in your wedding timeline to work his craft. And that is just what Natalie and Nathan did! We were able to create those jaw dropping images for them, all because they gave us the time to make it happen.

Adding in a personal touch of a treasured classic car as their transportation added to their timeless wedding photographs. Nathan is a Navy diver, which added to the artistry in their wedding photography, as they used a commemorative knife to cut the cake and displayed a Navy diving helmet of his to add to the personalization.

A Hotel Julien wedding reception is always a gorgeous event and we were able to go into the Al Capone suite for some wedding couple photography. Nathan, Natalie and their wedding party really had a great time on their street walk, which gave us another opportunity for some fun wedding photographs.  

Wedding near Independence, Iowa | Kate and Ross


The perfect wedding from start to finish. Ross and Kate started their wedding day with beautiful formal wedding photography at their hometown Masonville Catholic Church. It was so fun to photograph the new husband and wife departed in their classic car. 

The reception kicked off in a stunning machine shed turned reception hall; a perfect location for us to create simply amazing artistic images. Time spent on attention to details made this the ideal place as Kate's parents welcomed guests to their home. The bicycle themed wedding decorations made it even more personalized to Ross and Kate and allowed us to take fantastic wedding pictures that will most certainly become heirlooms. The pond on the family property also offered an optimal spot for romantic wedding photography.

masonville IA wedding

Beautiful photography River Room Ceremony | Cassandra and Steve


 Personally composed, heartfelt vows highlighted Cassandra and Steve's gorgeous River Room wedding ceremony. Cassandra and her bridesmaids had their hair done on location in their room, which saved on the wedding day timeline to add the convience of just walking down the hall to the ceremony. This along with the same location for ceremony and reception, gave us so many opportunities for more gorgeous wedding pictures.

 The river walk is always perfect for more fun, photojournalistic photography. Where we are able to capture the emotional exchanges of husband and wife. Steve was such a gentleman, so attentive to his new bride throughout the entire day of  romantic wedding photography. The bridesmaids joined the fun outside with Cassandra and we capitalized on the moments with more colorful wedding pictures.

grand river wedding photography

Vintage Wedding at the DeSoto House Galena| Jacob and Camielle



Camielle and Jacob's wedding day was perfect. Camielle choose a very sophisticated birdcage veil to accent her vintage themed wedding. The equisite photography through the veil highlighted her emotions charged through the day.

The little walk to Grant Park in Galena is always a favorite area of ours for We found a crabtree to highlight the couple outdoors with some fanatastic natural light photography. We also took advantage of some evening dusk lighting with some street lights just beginning to turn on helping create dramatic evening light pictures.

Congratulations to Camielle & Jacob!

Galena Desoto house

Second Wedding Photography | Carrie and Greg


 The Irish Cottage in Galena was the perfect setting for Carrie and Greg's wedding ceremony and reception. Carrie's friend helped her get ready in one of the suites and then it was off to locate Greg for intimate pre-wedding photography, as they saw each other for the first time prior to the ceremony. This is always a special event, allowing us to capture more of the moment and make the moment last a bit longer. We always recommend seeing each other before the ceremony, as we can offer our wedding couples so much during that time. As nerves are running high, it only makes sense for you to be with your soulmate...the one who calms and comforts you in stressful situations. Pre-ceremony photography offers a distraction to also help channel your excited energy into gorgeous wedding photography. Then everyone can relax and move onto the reception instead of trying to corral family and friends for formal pictures. 

The bride and groom for this second marriage were more settled and relaxed which enabled us to capture the essence of their love for each other in stunning wedding photography. A second wedding has both spouses with a deeper understanding of themselves and they can enjoy the benefit of experience. 

The ceremony was started early, which gave us the perfect amount of time to finish it before the rain became a player. We did however talk Carrie and Greg into going outside again for some rainy day wedding pics. We have played in the rain on many occassions and are masters at lighting those raindrops to create award winning photography! Carrie and Greg planned an intimate wedding at the Irish Cottage which just continued into the reception with many friends and family helping them celebrate their special day.

Second wedding photography

Vintage Wedding| Cristi & Josh


A Galena destination wedding was the perfect setting for Cristi and Josh who chose the quaint little country church at  Oak Hill  as the perfect setting for their vintage wedding. The architechture of the master bedroom in the barn house accented her wedding gown perfectly as Cristi dressed upstairs and Josh downstairs. 

Cristi and Josh were the perfect couple to work with as they agreed to all of our artistic whims, followed directions to a tee including laying down in the meadow for some blissfully, romantic wedding photography. The pine tree path was another intimate location at Oak Hill for some more outdoor pics! 

Then it was off to downtown Galena for photography of our couple and their wedding party. The old town flavor was ideal for vintage wedding photography. We made our way to the De Soto House to get the reception started behind those beautiful double doors. The groomsmen were so much fun as they created a throne for Cristi to sit on for the unveiling of the garter! The day was picturesque from start to finish.

Oak Hill Wedding

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