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Wedding Photography at the Grand River Dubuque, IA | Schmitz/Gansemer

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Aug 19, 2011 6:51:00 PM

Sara & Andrew's wedding was on August 13th of this year at The Grand River in Dubuque, IA.  The Grand River is a wonderful place to have a wedding, since you can have both your wedding and reception in the same location and still have beautiful scenery all around.  Sara started her day getting ready at the Grand Harbor Hotel (see more images by viewing the video below.)  

bride with flowerswedding party grand river

Through out the day we try to use different lighting techniques to capture the day. Here we used a special lighting to get the sky to go a deeper rich color and you can see the outside of the River Room where the wedding was held.

bride & groom grand riverbride coming down the islegrand river photo dubuque bride & groom

It's always great to do a few images on the balcony of the River Room in the evening.  It was nice to see the moon rise as we were photographing Sara and Andrew.

bride & groom dancingfather daughter dance

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Western Illinois Wedding Photography | Hotel Julien Westaby/Stephan

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Jun 24, 2011 7:36:00 PM

We packed up and traveled to Warren Illinois on Saturday last week to photograph the Westaby / Stephan wedding!  

Bride & groom seeing each other

I think everyone was more then glad to see these high school sweethearts finally get hitched.  After hearing about the great relationship between these to cuties we were just as happy for them as all of the friends and family at the wedding celebration.  

The day was a little hot, but none the less I think the images are gorgeous and I couldn't be happier to share Mr and Mrs Stephan's images with you.  

Check out the slideshow by clicking on the play button and leave as many comments as you'd like!

bride & goom outdoorsbride in churchend of wedding ceremonyGrand River guys photobride at grand river

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Why do wedding pictures before your Ceremony?

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Feb 11, 2011 9:52:00 AM

wedding pictures before ceremonyIt's your wedding day, the processional music begins to play the doors begin to open as you walk down the aisle you look at your groom, he is beaming!  You can see he can barely contain his excitement, his smile says everything.

Does this sound like your man?  Someone who will show his emotions in front of all the guest?                   Most likely not.

I've been photographing weddings for over 15 years for Elite Images photography and I would say about 90% of grooms are just trying to survive through there wedding ceremony, maybe their thinking about not messing up their lines or maybe they just don't want to pass out in front of a large audience. For what ever the reason it's tough for a guy to concentrate only on you when both of you are the center of attention.

Now don't miss understand me, I think seeing each other for the first time is extremely important and I think it should be magical just as you have imagined. I just think it should be done somewhere else where both you and your groom can show your true emotions and that you can take sometime to really appreciate each other.

So where did the bride and groom not seeing each other come from in the first place?  Well it’s based on the ancient Roman's with arranged marriages.  Weddings were often arranged by the families of the couple for financial or political gain.  The bride and groom were rarely involved in the planning of the wedding and often would not even know each another.

Since the families had a great deal to loose, the groom was not allowed to see the bride before the marriage in case he didn't like the way she looked, he might call the wedding off.  The bride was veiled from head to toe for her wedding, and only after the ceremony the groom was allowed to see her for the first time.  As time passed, this practice turned into tradition, and some how superstition got into the mix.

So I decide to compile a list of why it is a good reason to see each other before the ceremony for pictures.

  • For the flow of the day.  Do you even have enough time to get the family pictures done before the reception begins if you wait until after the ceremony?  Most often this time is miscalculated.
  • There may not be any time after the ceremony.  In many churches there may be confession or mass after your ceremony. (Trust me on this one, you'll be kick out.) Always ask your officiant if you can take pictures after the wedding.
  • After the receiving line flowers on the groom are crushed and tuxes are smudged with makeup from all the hugs.
  • Both of you will be a little nervous before the ceremony, who is better to comfort you than your groom or bride.
  • Photography can be a really good distraction from the stress of pre ceremony jitters.  Plus that nervous energy works in the photos.
  • After the ceremony it is difficult to keep your attention on doing family photos.  Quite simple your ready to party!
  • Doing some of the photography before the ceremony, like family portraits and formals, and then doing some after will keep your photography time fresh.  This way you can get all the family pictures done before the ceremony so afterwards you can go out and have fun pictures of the two of you and with your wedding party.
  • Finally, when you take time before the ceremony to see each other we can capture pictures of the two of you meeting in a beautiful location without the pressure of an audience. 

By seeing each other before the ceremony, you'll have a more enjoyable wedding day experience.  Your wedding photos won't be rushed and you will get even better portraits.

So what do you think?  Tell us about your wedding day experience? Did you see each other before the ceremony or not?  What way do you think is better?

why do wedding pictures before the ceremony

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Rainy Wedding Days in Iowa

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Jan 24, 2011 12:56:00 PM

You plan every detail, from the music to the menu. You may have been planning for over a year and dreaming about it for a lifetime. The only thing you can't control or change is the weather! So why does it have to rain on your parade?...The good news: some believe that the rain is good luck, it represents cleansing and a stronger unity in the marriage. Since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot, the idea is that a wet knot is harder to untie.  Rain can also be a symbol of fertility in agricultural, since rain restores and nurtures the crops. Well...that sounds really sweet and all, but seriously, this is your wedding day. You still want great images!  This is why it's so important to have a great wedding photographer. Being one of the top ten photographers in Iowa it is our job at Elite Images to take a blah rainy day and make it look beautiful. bride in the rain

We've photographed hundreds of weddings and several dozen of them in the rain. Sometimes the rain just shakes things up, it makes us challenge ourselves to create exceptional images that are different from anyone else because we are working with the rain rather then around it. 

We will still photograph outdoors in the rain, we just photograph under covered areas like trees, canopies or umbrellas. We can still create the images that you will be proud to show your family and friends.

bride and groom in the rain

When you are choosing a photographer always ask how they will handle rainy days. Ask for sample images that were created on rainy days, make sure they have the experience and ability to handle a not so perfect wedding day.

So when your big day comes and it looks like rain, grab umbrellas for you and your wedding party or maybe even some rain boots. Get out there and have some fun and remember the good fortune that you'll have in your marriage because you had a rainy day.

bridesmaids in the rain

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